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Nnanna Kalu

Consultant- Human Resource Management/ Content Development

Kalu is a highly experienced human resource consultant with years of practice. A second-class upper graduate of History and International Relations as well as M.Sc. in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, Kalu has worked in some reputable consulting firms in Nigeria where he made remarkable contributions in content development and human resource management solutions. He has also facilitated numerous training seminars and workshops.

Kalu holds certifications in some key fields including:
Conflict Analysis;
- Business Analysis;
- Project Management;
- Quality Management and Implementation;
- Human Resource Management;
- Health, Safety and Environmental Management; etc.

Nnanna Kalu has organized and facilitated many training programmes for corporate organizations and individuals, including:
- Train the Trainer’s Program
- Professional Development Program on Advanced Human Resources Management
- Communication Strategies and Leadership Development workshop
- Total Quality Management Workshop
- Effective Policy Analysis and Implementation
- Crisis Management Strategies and Techniques
- Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
- Human Capacity Building Management Training
- Performance Management: Setting Objectives and KPIs
- Applying Project Control, Project Monitoring, Reporting and Control
- Managing Tenders, Specifications and Contracts
- Contract Risk Management and Compliance
- Mastering Project Management
- Project Risk Management and Compliance
- Project Budgeting and Cost Management
- Effective Project Coordination and Management
- Project Monitoring and Evaluation
- Negotiating and Managing PPP Contracts