M&E are important tools to help understand how policies, projects or services are being implemented and to measure how effective and impactful they are. A good monitoring framework will enable relevant data and information to be captured on a continuous basis. It will also provide the foundations for systematic evaluation in order to demonstrate whether the intervention has worked (and how). P31 team has a strong track record in delivering robust monitoring and evaluation services which are helping organisations to make informed decisions and providing evidence for future delivery. All products will be tailored to your particular needs and budget and will lead to practical solutions. We offer:


If your organisation is fairly new to monitoring and evaluation we can guide you in specifying what your requirements are. We will take into account your funding environment, operational context, in-house skills and budget. We can act as your evaluation partner and support you all the way by:
• scoping your monitoring and evaluation needs and developing a framework
• formulating your evaluation question or questions
• facilitating staff to set key success indicators
• designing and establishing monitoring tools, systems and storage
• Skills gap analysis of staff
• supporting staff to carry out monitoring and evaluation
• providing guidance on Terms of Reference for commissioning external evaluations


It may be that you simply need to increase or maintain your in-house monitoring and evaluation skills and you therefore want to invest in staff training. We can offer:
• advice on who needs what level of training
• a choice of tailored on-the-job training (coaching) or formal in-house courses
• specially designed training materials tailored to your needs for you to use in-
• bespoke or off-the-shelf training packages