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Ms. Nemu Joshi

Consultant- Gender

Nemu Joshi is a freelance researcher with over ten years of professional and academic experiences in the developmental issues mostly concerning gender and sexuality. She holds an MPhil in Gender studies from University of London, UK and a Masters in Gender studies from Central European University, Hungary. Apart from these, she has additional short academic trainings on Gender, sexuality and Human Rights from Columbia University, USA and Universiteit Van Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has carried out gender consultancies and researches at institutions like READ Nepal, Nepal Red Cross society. She had been involved in publication, research and proposal development project for institutions like UNIFEM, Action Aid/Nepal and Global Fund for Ministry of Health, Nepal. She has practical experience in conducting researches on burning issues such as sexual trafficking, HIV/AIDS, domestic and media impacts on sexuality of women in the context of Nepal. Her research areas are mostly cross cutting developmental issues concentrating on gender and sexuality, gender and work, gender and health, and globalization and development issues in the Third world context. Her strength in providing quality research services is rooted in her skill diversity, expertise and wide experience in undertaking gender researches, project evaluations and special assessments that combines both qualitative and quantitative methods. Her competence in quantitative and qualitative analysis and approaches and her strength in undertaking deep research initiatives is bolstered by academic trainings that helps understand prevailing socio-political and cultural context.