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Ure Nkere

Director/ Consultant- Psychotherapy/Life Coach

Ure Nkere is a trained psychotherapist, coach and mentor, who is passionate about empowering people to self-actualize and maximize their potential. A believer of the inherent potential in people, she enables them to achieve their goals and aspirations by increasing their self-belief, personal impact, visibility and psychological resilience. Her goal is to help clients develop a unique brand identity that embraces and accentuates their distinctive strengths. She ensures the empowerment of others by leveraging her enthusiasm and tenacity in motivating and communicating with people. One of the keys to her success lies in her reliability and sincerity throughout all her interactions, and her ability to remain calm under duress. Her work ethic is excellent; her devotion and dedication to achieving the most optimal result stems from her increasing awareness of the diversity of people’s values, cultures, and creeds. She adheres to the following ethical code: empathy, sincerity, integrity, resilience, respect, humility, competence, fairness, wisdom and courage. She has amassed years of personal and professional experience of overcoming issues that affect well-being, tapping into her high level of personal integrity and talent for human connection. Her background primarily lies in a varied range of relational-based employment, working on both an individual and group level to improve interdependent relations. Her in-depth understanding of the sickness of the mind enables her to explore a variety of client concerns (mainly home/work-related pressures), frequently managing teams and leading various workshops.

Signature workshops include:
- Psychological Resilience and Well-Being
- Step Up and Stand out: Personal Branding, Impact and Visibility
- The Power of the Mind
- Networking for Success: Building and Maintaining Relationships
- Communicating Effectively with Confidence and Credibility
- Mindfulness and Self-Awareness
- Managing Your Career and Maximising Your Personal Effectiveness